Seeing the world in glorious HD

Some sort of magic happened when we crossed the world with our apple tv and our Netflix account. Despite reading online that we wouldn’t be able to access UK Netflix from a Hong Kong address, upon buying our gratuitous television (owing to the cheapness of electronics in Asia and the novelty of the freedom to select our own TV), Netflix worked right away. Having access to only cantonese and mandarin language channels via cable, Netflix has been our Hero. Continue reading


5 reasons why growing a capsule wardrobe is an absolute game changer

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is a simple one, it rests on the notion that we simply don’t need as many clothes as we have  – something we can all agree on. A capsule wardrobe is a curated collection of good quality, age appropriate clothing which is versatile enough for any occasion. Experimenting with a capsule wardrobe for just over a year has completely transformed my attitude to clothing and my belongings. Here’s how it has worked for me:

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Living in a cage with the door wide open

When I was young I was a gymnast. I could tumble and dance and show off to a reasonable standard. I could do things non-gymnasts thought were impressive. Grandparents, teachers and well meaning strangers would say: “We’ll be seeing you in the Olympics one day”. Only, they wouldn’t. I started gymnastics at age 7, and although I progressed quickly through the different ability groups, at age 7 I had started too late. I had too many habits that couldn’t be unlearned, I hadn’t maintained the flexibility I had when I was five, and I was years behind in terms of technical ability. I wasn’t brave enough to fling myself upside-down with wild abandon and this meant I was not going to the Olympics in over a decades time. At age 10 I knew I was a gymnast, but a recreational one. In fact, the classes I attended were only to raise money to fund the serious gymnasts. Continue reading