8 insider tips on making the most of your trip to Disneyland Hong Kong

The festivities of the mid-autumn festival are accompanied with a much coveted 3 day weekend, with so much to see and do in Hong Kong making the most of your time here is an absolute must and what better way than with a trip to the happiest place in Hong Kong!

Here’s some insider tips on how to have magical fun like a complete pro:

#1 Travel by MTR It’s impossible to get the full Hong Kong experience without travelling by MTR, if possible, make sure you choose a train equipped with a small army of old age pensioners. This is the best way to ensure you get your foot run over by granny toting a trolley whilst simultaneously being farted on by the oldest man in Asia. Disneyland HK actually has it’s own train line and the chronic frustration caused by being stampeded by the Chinese population feels light and airy when you’re holding onto a Mickey shaped hand rail.

#2 Consider an annual pass If you abso-bloody-lutely love disney (guilty!) consider an annual pass, even if you are only visiting Hong Kong for a few days. Cards offer plenty of discounts in the park and extra fast passes, and your whole party can benefit from the discounts even if only one of you has a card. Of course, the main reason to buy an annual pass is as a gratuitous display of your affection for all things disney and the accompanying feeling of superiority as you look down on all the regular non-member disney peasants. Plus you get a free lanyard(!), and I am apparently the sort of person who wears a lanyard now.


(If you’re wondering I absolutely aced my annual pass photo)

#3 Feed the birds Just like everyone else in Hong Kong, the birds at disney have absolutely no respect for personal space and will try to occupy the exact space you are in. Embrace the experience and feed them because whether you let them or not, they are going to surround you and sit with you at your table while you eat. As a result, lunch becomes a scene truly fitting of a disney classic, the only difference is that the birds are extremely lairy and absolutely will try to share your food with you until they spot a gurgly baby scattering crisps from its pram.


#4 Bring sunglasses By far the best way to perfect the instagram ready #NoFilter Disney selfie because it is really, really sunny here, we learnt this one from experience.



#5 Set a date for your Disney trip in advance Another lesson learnt from experience, we woke up on a public holiday weekend at 10am and made the spontaneous decision to visit Mickey and friends. We had 15 minutes to get-up, shower, and be on the bus on the other side of the apartment complex. The result? Great outfit choices and a completely put together “look” ready for disney portraits, complete with still wet hair. Combine that with humidity and sweat and you’re golden.


Will probably frame this

Sam did a much better job at getting ready than me.


#6 Visit at Halloween or Christmas, or New Years, or any other day. Disney is great every day of the year but if you can hit a major holiday at the same time you’ll be treated to thematically perfect decor and extra attractions. FYI don’t expect Disney to be completely PG at halloween, I spent 10 minutes completely terrified on the nightmare experiment whilst Sam manically laughed (and held my hand because he’s great).


#7 Stay until after dark There’s a lot to be said for ambient lighting, at nightfall Disney becomes even more magical and the whole atmosphere is something special. It’s easy to get taken away by the enchanting lights of the merry-go-round and of course there’s nothing quite like finishing the day with a fireworks spectacular. Even if less spectacular than Florida. This wonderful TedTalk explains the importance of lighting in Disney and this is a great excuse to share it with you.


#8 Combine snacks and parades Also combine snack with queues and also snacks with everything. Disney is a goldmine of awesome themed food and we made our theme of the day “excess”.

We’ve now visited two disney parks together and we’re planning to do the complete Disney world tour, next stop Tokyo! (or Shanghai)


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