8 things to make the half term countdown less of a slog

7 weeks after moving to Hong Kong and we are fully settled into working life. Routine can be your maker but it’s important to keep things exciting so work doesn’t become…well work!

Here’s the things that are making the 3 week countdown to half term less of a Slog:

1. This outstanding popcorny goodness disguising itself as an acceptable desert. Layers of vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream and caramel popcorn.

2. This quintessentially British snack to transport you back home.

3. Seeing the sun hit the mountain opposite the apartment on the way to work at 6.30am.

4. Seeing a bunch of kids discover grappling for the first time and hearing them scream with delight when they realise they might be awesome at it.

5. Beautiful lanterns framing the moon to celebrate the mid autumn festival in Victoria Park.

6. A whole lantern display to light up the park.

7. …and these beautiful lanterns because they transport you to a Chinese wonderland.

8. Once again the sun on the mountains, this time on a lazy Friday morning.

Thinking of taking a trip at half term in such of calm and sun, any suggestions?


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